Hello, and welcome to my website, which is where you can learn about me and what I have to offer as an intuitive counselor. In general, the people who come to see me want to find peace and happiness in their lives.

For the past 20 years I have successfully helped hundreds of people find their way through many of life’s challenges such as divorce, loneliness, job loss, depression, weight gain, loss of sleep, death, life transitions, prosperity, lack of creativity, relationship challenges, child-rearing, and persistent childhood patterns. I work with people who are just starting their spiritual exploration and with those who have been exploring for many years. Each client's take-away is different, depending on their issue, situation, problem and, most importantly, their desire. I feel safe in saying that all of my clients take away more clarity, confidence, and energy with which to live a more authentic and satisfying life.

One of my clients explains my work this way, Lourdes Barden-Sims changes lives. As a 'helping professional' on a lifelong path of personal development, I have worked with many spiritual teachers, healers, therapists and coaches during the past 30 years. Here’s what I know about Lourdes…she will get your story fast, quickly illuminate the core issue at play, ask questions in a purposeful way, challenge your limiting beliefs, and bring about new insight that allows you to take the next right action. At the end of a session with Lourdes I always feel my time and money have been well spent because I have made progress toward solving my problem and I have re-aligned with the Divine. In my opinion, Lourdes’ 'tool box' as a teacher and therapist is wider and deeper than most, and because she has an extraordinary ability to see beyond ordinary perception she is more effective than other service providers. If you are committed to a spiritual path and want to accelerate your growth, I highly recommend Lourdes Barden-Sims as your guide.